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Backyard Landscaping Ideas: Some Backyard Designs And Ideas For You!

Themes –Traditional Landscaping –A New Trend –Wildflowers – A Simple Water Feature
There are vast amounts of backyard landscaping ideas around us. People are creative everywhere you go. Using a larger apple tree as a backdrops or a focal point for cherry or other ornamental fruiting trees, on down to the smaller canes—such as raspberries or shrubs such as blueberries can be every bit as beautiful a sight as large standing flowers in clumps or a simple array of ornamental grasses.
Whether your backyard sits within a tiny lot or sprawls several acres most of us are prone to want to tailor it to our taste in some way. Some may just want to add a few bushes against the house with some perennials scattered in and about while others have elaborate plans for their space that might take several seasons to complete and include such things as a shady spot to relax or a place to eat. Whatever you choose to do, it will ultimately not only be a pleasure to you but will, in the  end increase the overall value of your property                    .
The good thing about your backyard is that it is yours; a creation—a personal retreat from the outside world. With a little imagination, any run of the mill yard can become a work of art. You may borrow an idea, a theme or even the whole layout from someone else but when you are done tweaking the plans for your space and the needs of your family, it will be yours down to the very colors of the flowers you choose.
  Backyard Landscape Idea Themes: One of the most popular themes is that of the country or the south western states here in the US. See how easy the use of some desert plants in pots can change the feel of the pathway in the picture-above left. Either of these can be as simple or elaborate as the individual’s imagination as the next two photos of different country backyards below shows—the one in the middle is quite simple while the one to the right is grander with a more formal feel.
Backyard Landscaping IdeasA New Trend in Backyard Landscaping Ideas: Traditionally, landscape design ideas has fallen into just a few categories, such as formal and casual that have reflected the area of the home, but that is no longer true. If, for instance, you live in Southern California or Florida you may decide you want the look of the tropics or someplace other than the US—perhaps Australia, and can go about getting it. It is only a matter of finding what goes well in both climates and planning from there. And how hard can a rock garden be??
Edible Backyard Landscaping Ideas: People who love gardening—be it flower or vegetables, and the nice look of a yard are perfect companions for the millions all over the world who are now happily enjoying not only a lovely backyard but a practical one. It’s nothing new really, dating back in history to ancient times when practicality was a large part of beauty. All types of edibles—grapes, fruit orchards and herbs were planted in ways that complimented the lay of the land and made it a pleasure to sit in the garden whether for breakfast or afternoon tea.

While many hundreds of years have passed where separating the different types of gardening (including vegetable, herb and/or fruits) became the norm, planting edibles has completed the circle. It has become popular once more being incorporated into the flow of things along with flowers, vines and trees of all sizes. And leaving any reason other than common sense out planting a backyard full of indigenous plants—be they wild, beautifully flowering or edible is the most practical way of gardening there is.

Backyard Landscaping

Plants that vine such as sugar snap peas-left, have a lovely appearance in the garden but when planted on tripod type stakes a dozen or so in a row and used as a backdrop for smaller plants they are not only striking but quite practical. Grape vines growing over a simple arbor can create beauty as well as shade, and the vines of very common plants such as sweet potato, yams or russet can add as much interest as roses.
Fennel—middle, does not make a good garden mate but it is another good choice for a backdrop or in an area that could use some height. On the bright side both the flower-heads and the foliage attract such beneficial insects as ladybugs, several types of beneficial flies and parasitoid wasps it is also a good flea repellent. It does very well when planted around animal kennels or their living areas to deter fleas.
Peppers do very well doubling as ornamentals when tucked in and among flowerbeds and borders. And look at this idea for several types of lettuces—below, planted in pots. Parsley is another plant that can make a dramatic difference due to its curly leaves and deep color-above right.
Backyard Landscaping Ideas with Wildflowers: Most plants, whether ornamental or edible, produce flowers of some type and their colors can be either softly muted or brilliant. This is true of all types of plants but particularly wildflowers.

Echinacea is very hardy as well as being versatile. It blooms all summer splashing its traditional purple color over large sprawling spaces every bit as beautifully as smaller—see right. They are herbaceous perennials growing from 2-4’ tall and work well blending with other plants.Backyard Ideas


For naturalizing an area with wildflowers you will need an open area with good drainage. Once you have mowed the area and tilled it no more than a few inches below the surface you can broadcast your seed over all. The results will be wonderful for years to come.
The Water Feature: A Good Backyard Landscape Idea If you do not have imagination, a green thumb or time to make an effort at a pleasant looking yard, go to your local garden center and purchase an urn—see right. Online are free plans for making a fountain. Gather a couple dozen rocks, as pictured and put together this simple but pleasant looking water feature. Another trip to the local store with the best plant prices will produce a couple of six packs of annual plants that can be planted or just set in a couple of pots to brighten the area with color.

Now stand back, you just created a masterpiece!!

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